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Horoscope by Cubanito


Which cuban expression are you, according to your sign?




– You’re more talkative than a storyteller.
– You never tire of being stubborn.
– Your life is a never-ending adventure.


“DEJA LA MUELA” (Stop talking so much)

– Cuban expression for “Cut the Crap.” So Libra…
– Oh yes, I’m The Great Debater…
– You’re not a good loser, especially when it comes to board games.



– You’re concerned about others at all times.
– Hard-headed and dedicated.
– You’re very fond of maintaining traditions, and you even have a knack for hanging out clothes to dry.


“TERMINÓ COMO LA FIESTA DE GUATAO” (The party ended badly)

– Scorpios are usually involved if something doesn’t end well.
– That’s why you’re the zodiac’s most feared sign.
– Although you’d also give your life for a loved one.


 “AMANECIÓ CON EL MOÑO VIRAO” (I woke up in a bad mood)

– Siesta is one of your favourite words.
– You’re the basic ingredient of any party.
– Often accused of having hidden motives



– Roughly translated as: “Everybody wants to ride with you in the limo, but who’s there to take the bus with you when the limo breaks down?” Sagittarius in a sentence.
– You always see the glass as full.
– You don’t like to show your emotions, but you’re very loyal.


“TU NO ME CALCULA” (Don’t Mess With Me, You’ll Get Hurt)

– Don’t get involved with a Cancer without knowing what you’re getting into.
– You can’t stand feeling misunderstood, but it happens a lot.
– You love the phrase: “Everything was better in the past.


“ESTE CAMINA CON LOS CODOS” (Money’s Too Tight To Mention)

– A Cuban saying for tight-fisted.
– Your common sense is finely tuned.
– You’re charismatic and great listeners


“SE FORMÓ TREMENDO BELEBELE” (Mo Trouble, Mo Problems)

– The leader of the pack.
– You love being the centre of attention.
– When Leos party, they party hard.


¡ÑO! (NAH!)

– A short word that has a whole lot of meaning, used to express emotions from shock to surprise.
– You’re always straight up with people.
– You’d prefer to meditate than be caught up in the crowd


“ME SACARON UN SABLE” (Tear you a new one)

– That’s what they say in Cuba when someone strongly criticises you, and nobody does this better than Virgos.
– Your bullshit detector is always on.
– You always strive for perfection.


“SE QUEDÓ COMO LA NOVIA DE PACHECO” (All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go)

– Very forgiving, even when it comes to being stood up.
– Is there a limit to patience? Not for Pisces.
– Your kindness has no limit.

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Did you know

Did you know?

Freddie Mercury & Ibiza

Four years before a Rolls Royce transported his lifeless body to the Harrow Road cementary, Freddie Mercury performed in KU discotheque one of the songs that was heard at his funeral. It was Barcelona, the song that came about as a result of the Queen singer’s obsession with the soprano Montserrat Caballé. Mercury loved opera, and he loved the voice of the diva from Barcelona the most. The song was used as the anthem of the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 and the two singers began a brief but intense friendship.

Before dying, the leader of Queen had time to promote the single in Ibiza, the island where the man from Zanzibar, visited regularly thanks to his friendship with Tony Pikes.


Did you know that we have a Freddie Mercury room in Santos Ibiza?
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Rock Nights: Grand Paradiso presentation

Rock Nights: Grand Paradiso Hotel presentation

January 21st – Sala El Sol – Madrid


The most mischievous party is back in Madrid, wrapped in neon and rock n’ roll! 

ROCK NIGHTS returns, with guns blazing, to its favourite venue in Madrid: El Sol. Coinciding with the FITUR 2022, Concept Hotel Group will present its latest and craziest hotel project; Grand Paradiso, based on the wonders of audiovisual art.

El Sol celebrates its 40th anniversary as one of Madrid’s most legendary venues, and is the perfect spot for Rock Nights to launch its comeback, on the 21st January, with a lineup you won’t wanna  miss:

The Parrots DJ Set
Fat Gordon and Señor Cardona on the decks
Rock Nights Girls
Live Tattoo by Paul

Marking an night you won’t forget, even with a shot of Jager or 2 in between.

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Horoscope by Dorado


What rock classic are you according to your sign?



– You’re always on the move, waiting to see how things pan out.
– Bob Dylan is a Gemini, but he’s got the whole Aries vibe locked down.
– “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”



– Addicted to intense emotions.
– You don’t go out much, but when you return, four days later, it’s with a duck under your arm.
– Experts in flirting.



– You love being cared for and pampered.
– Very much into lifelong relationships.
– You’re a bit out of style, so what?



– Greed and envy will kill you.
– Bad reputation, but it’s no big deal.
– You like getting lost in Berlin’s darkest clubs dressed in a trench coat.



– You’re the person who dances alone with a drink in your hand when the bar closes.
– Better accompanied than alone.
– Today is the best moment of your life, let’s see how things go tomorrow.



– They give a good impression at first but be careful.
– You’re more of a rogue (truhán) than a gentleman (senor).
– More independent than Destiny’s Child.



– Over-sensitive, you always have a tear in your eye.
– You’ll tell someone that you’ve been chopping onions, but you haven’t, honest…
– You’ll make a one-hit wonder or a concept album out of your dramas.



– Proper heroes.
– You can’t stop doing business, even when sleeping.
– They tend to be that friend who’s always on somebody else’s boat in summer.



– Born to be wild.
– You’re the one who NEVER takes off your sunglasses.
– Leo’s tell you to save photos of them because someday they’ll be famous.



– Pretty damn cool people.
– You love getting carried away.
– Who brought me to this after-party? Where are we?



– In Search of Perfection: THE MUSICAL.
– You get satisfaction from the little things in life, such as tidying the cupboard or having a cup of tea at sunset.
– Simple but complicated.



– You love singing in the morning and drinking tea from Mr Wonderful mugs.
– You’re obsessed with the fine details
– They’re the ones who make you a continental breakfast when you’re hungover.

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Horoscope by Santos


Which Saint are you according to your sign?



– “Vivir así es morir de amor” You can’t get any more intense than that.
– Attention seeking is the name of your game.
– You are a multifaceted and spirited person who keeps giving concerts at 80.



– They will try everything, once in a lifetime.
“Self-definition is self- limitation.” The favourite phrase of every Libra.
– They love it all… performing, costumes, being a British, gay, gender-fluid icon.



– They’re quiet, but they always get what they want.
– They’re good at making great songs without much fanfare.
– You’ll never see a Taurus screaming (unless they don’t get their way).



– They’ll accuse you of being the rotten apple in the coolest underground band of all time.
– They like to have a glass of wine with you backstage while planning to destroy you.
– They plan world domination while wearing a turtleneck jumper and beret.



– One day they’re going out with Tony Pike and the next they’ve become a Bond girl.
– You never know what to expect from them, and that’s their best asset.
– They’ll bend over backwards for you once you’re in their circle of trust.



– He seems like a real gentleman but is capable of stealing his best friend’s girlfriend.
– Prone to giving up one vice and getting caught up in another.
– Dedicated to their art, as befitting one of the best guitarists ever.



– They’re a bit insecure, and they don’t like being compared to former band members.
– They can’t stop creating.
– They prefer looking back than looking forward.



– They don’t have a band with their brother, they have a business, and their brother is their employee.
– They think they’re superior to everyone else.
– They like their humour black.



– Prone to going on a wild night out in Ibiza out and getting married to the first person they meet.
– “Here I am” and “This Is What You Get.” Two of Leo’s favourite mantras.
– They are the only protagonist on stage.



– From weed smoker to a reggae legend.
– “Don’t worry, be happy” is the motto of every Aquarius.
– When travelling, they prefer to rest in their hotel than go out and party.



– Femininity in the flesh
– They’re always surrounded by the planet’s most beautiful creatures but are completely down-to-earth at the same time.
– They wear breathtaking outfits that will never fit you.



– They’re nice and uncomplicated.
– They only call someone out when the occasion deserves it, like condemning homophobic or misogynist lyrics.
– They’d prefer to open your own YouTube channel rather than bow down to the record industry.

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Horoscope by Tropicana


What Cocktail are you according to your sign?



– Intense and full-flavoured.
– Adapts to any situation with versatility.
– Standing out is your natural state.



– You love going out! You’ll say “Nah, not tonight” before ending up in the neighbourhood karaoke bar singing Bohemian Rhapsody at 4 a.m.
– You love sharing the latest gossip, with or without tequila.



– The classics never die.
– Loyal and reliable, they never disappoint.
– Not to everyone’s taste.



– Hefty in the beginning, but it doesn’t give you a hangover.
– Strong, be careful not to drink more than one.
– In the end it’s not that bad.



– The most Gemini cocktail ever.
– A little bit of sweetness, a little bit of bitterness.
– You can have two or three and still not figure out its mystery.



– Imagine a gentleman drinking whisky at a bar, à la Mad Men, and you have the classic image of a Sagittarian
– Classic elegance that never goes out of fashion.
– It demands a lot but also gives you a good time.



– Creative but basic.
– You love the phrase “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
– You’re sweet just like brown sugar with mint.



– Pretty mainstream
– Everyone loves a Capri, just like a margarita.
– Give them a pool, a bit of sun and don’t forget to salt the rim of the glass. It’s a guaranteed winner!



– “Here I am” in the form of a cocktail.
– Overwhelming personality and maximum intensity.
– One is enough for you.



– Let yourself go is your favourite phrase. Vermouth and whisky, the second one.
– You’re zen but you like to party.
– You’re easily convinced when it comes to going out on the town.



– The favourite cocktail of every self-respecting Virgo.
– Carrie Bradshaw discovered this cocktail that is full of femininity and surprises.
– Simplicity and elegance are its must-haves.



– Exotic like Jamaican rum and orange liqueur.
– One of the nicest cocktails around, but also one of the least understood.
– A cocktail for good people.

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Colin Peters Live at Santos

Colin Peters Live at Santos


A mix inspired by Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba visit to Dorado Live Shows in September. This band from Sevilla whose music, fed by a mix of 70s influences, led me to dig into my disco rock playlist, with rock giants such as The Rolling Stones, Queen, David Bowie and The Eagles all tasting the forbidden disco fruit. Add in some Spoon, SG Lewis, !!! and Foster The People and you get my fave set of the summer!

Juan Fajardo

Juan Fajardo

The Photographer who wanted to be a Musician
By Blanca Lacasa

“An anecdote? Well, even though I’m not the biggest KISS fan, I remember some photos that I took of them. I’d already seen them live and photographed them playing, but being with them in their dressing rooms, with all that paraphernalia, was nuts. I freaked out when I saw them without makeup and in those crazy outfits that look incredible on stage but up close seem like they’ve been bought in Poundland. The thing is, I wanted to take a picture of Paul Stanley touching up his makeup in the mirror. I asked for permission and he told me: “You can’t take that picture because, by contract, KISS can only be photographed with front light.” Juan continued: “Can you believe that? Everything has to be set in stone for Americans. Amazing!”

This is just one of a thousand anecdotes that the photographer, Juan Pérez-Fajardo (Madrid, 1969), keeps in his memory. He is rightly considered one of the great Spanish music photographers, and his camera has captured the likes of Loquillo, Enrique Bunbury, Luz Casal, El Cigala and Camela, as well as international superstars such as Nick Lowe, Bobby Gillespie, Santana and Neneh Cherry. Some have been portrayed almost in spite of themselves (like Patti Smith, who wasn’t having her best day, “she was just rude, but it’s understandable because she had been on a European book signing tour”), others with the urgency and authenticity that posing five minutes before showtime gives (Bobby Gillespie with that unmistakable, unchangeable gesture of his) and many others – the majority – posing for the usual album launch. I’ve hardly ever worked with models, it’s just too easy. You tell them: “look over there” or “put your hand like this” and they nail it. However, for many musicians, promo photos are a pain in the butt and you have to win their trust. You have to get them to forget about the camera so that it isn’t an imposing situation and they don’t feel like you are stealing their soul. There is a lot of psychological groundwork to be done beforehand because I want the musician’s craft to be immediately understood, so I need them to trust me. This blind faith is based on the fact that Pérez-Fajardo is a musician at heart. He looks and moves as if he were one of the band. He is, in a way, the artistic version of the frustrated musician, the term that perfectly describes a music critic.

Although he was determined to be a musician from when he was a child, (he also played in a couple of bands), he had to conform with being the person who expressed, in a single image, what happens in concerts. “Deep down I would have loved to be the one in the photo, but in the end, I work within the music industry, which is something that gives me great pleasure.” Pérez-Fajardo started out by chance. He was kicked off a Physics degree that bored him to tears and booted out of his high-earning job in the entertainment industry because of the 2008 financial crisis. He then started work as a concert photographer, purely by chance. Luck gave him a huge push one night in Madrid. “ I was showing a friend some photos of my trip to Utah in El Sol Club and Eva (from the group Amaral) saw them, loved them and understood what I was about. Shortly afterwards, the South by Southwest Festival took place. As I wanted to work with Rolling Stone magazine, I came up with the idea of contacting Amaral and telling them that Rolling Stone was interested in me going to the festival with them to take photos, and I told the magazine that I had spoken to Amaral and that they wanted me to take photos of them. I’ve never done this sort of thing again because it’s not right, but I guess it worked out really well…” You better believe it you cheeky b******!

Hoteles con mucho ritmo

Hoteles con mucho ritmo

By Laura Martínez

As Bowie said: “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.” At Concept, music is the soul of each hotel, with the sounds of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Funk, Disco, Balearic House, Swing and Cha-cha-chá providing each one
with a unique personality. Both the DJs that play in the hotels and the playlists perfectly sum up the vibe in each establishment.


Santos Ibiza

Your favourite artists of all time are elevated to the category of saints in Santos Ibiza, our celebrity temple dedicated to artists closely connected with Ibiza. This hotel’s soundtrack is full of Balearic house, disco, a little bit o’ deep and a whole
lotta downtempo. The music changes as the day progresses, starting at breakfast, which is enlivened with soul and bossa before giving way to Balearic sounds, house and funk in late morning. DJs take control of the afternoon, spinning deep house, nu-disco and funk, perfect for lying back on a sunbed while sipping a “Ain’t No Saint” cocktail.

Tropicana Ibiza

Mi-Mo aesthetics, vibrant colours and nods to “Cocktail,” (Tom Cruise’s classic 80s movie that makes you want to live in a bar forever) provide the inspiration for Tropicana, the hotel where you can sip on a cocktail while admiring the pool and the shower in the form of a Martini glass. Wrapped in a Miami Beach tropical ambience, its sound is a mix of “disco funk, tropical Jazz, 80’s vibes and bossa nova,” as defined by Simøne, the hotel’s resident DJ.

Dorado Ibiza

A love letter to the golden era of rock. This is the Dorado Ibiza’s statement of intent, backed up by the best in classic rock, folk, 70s and soul. This is a temple of Rock by the sea, where each of the hotel’s rooms is named after a song that went gold. Acclaimed artists such as Jim Morrison, Blondie and Bruce Springsteen have a room dedicated to them, and when the guest enters, the record which bears the room’s name starts to play on a turntable. The bathrooms are fitted with retro microphone heads so that guests can sing like a star while having a shower.

Music takes you to another place, and our hotels are designed to teleport you to Miami, Cuba or Nashville, without leaving Ibiza. Image and soundtrack have never been in such harmony.

Cubanito Ibiza

The flavour and character of Cuba are to be found in Cubanito hotel, with touches of Latin Jazz, Salsa, Boogaloo and Merengue. Jordi Cardona is in charge of putting rhythm to the eternal sunsets, (with a Mojito in hand) that take place on the rooftop of this little piece of Cuba in the Mediterranean. In addition, each Tuesday you can enjoy Salsero, our Salsa classes where you can give free rein to your hips. On Sundays, there are live performances from legends such as Ricardito, the “Cuban Julio Iglesias” who has sung with Celia Cruz and Juan Luis Guerra.

Romeo’s Motel & Diner

Everything that you’ve seen in the American films from the 50s, 60s and 70s is about to happen to you in Romeo’s Motel & Diner. Inspired by the ‘love motels’ on Route 66, Romeo’s is our most cinematographic hotel. It includes a specially designed room for getting up to no good doing bad things in, a 24-hour diner worthy of a Tarantino movie, and a chapel where you can get married, and divorced, on the same night – just like in Las Vegas. Folk, Americana, Classic Rock and a lot of 70s put the neon-lighted cherry on the top of your wildest adventure.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is our very own pastel pink paradise, where both art and Art Deco aesthetics merge into a dreamlike space. What do these dreams sound like? Nu-Disco, Italo Disco, Balearic Beat and 80s Funk. An art gallery curated by Adda Gallery Paris, a tattoo studio, exhibitions in the lobby and a glass-walled room that isn’t for wallflowers… Ocean Drive in Miami would just love to do all this…



The band Siloé will broadcast live the recording of their new album Paradiso, from Suite Zero of the Paradiso Ibiza hotel.

The duo will stay for three days in the “Zero Suite”, which is a fully glazed room located in the reception area in view of the hotel’s clients.
The band will broadcast the experience through Youtube Live and IG Live in the purest “Big Brother” style, so that the public can know the whole process and get closer to their fans.

The Valladolid duo Siloé will visit the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, belonging to the businessman and hotelier, Diego Calvo, owner of the Ibiza Concept Hotel Group, to record their album. The album will be inspired by the hotel’s imagination: disco, house and synthwave music with the sonic essence of the band. It will also have stellar collaborations such as Bely Basarte and David Otero, among other artists, and producers such as Ale Acosta from Fuel Fandango, GARABATTO or PMP.
With the intention of also demonstrating the acoustic and electronic duality of the band, all the songs will also be released in an acoustic version and in a version remixed by a national DJ, joining all the songs at the end of their publication in a triple album: singles , acoustic versions and electronic remixes.

The group assures that it is one of the most interesting and fascinating challenges they have faced throughout their career. Staying in the “Suite Zero” (a glass-enclosed room in the hotel reception for any visitor to see) and recording your new album there, to be broadcast through a camera on YouTube Live and Instagram Live, is to recreate the experience of living a “Big Brother”, but creating a performance inside the hotel.


“We want to do something that goes beyond music. In the end life and the music industry is very similar to Big Brother or The Island of Temptations: either you know what your role is quickly so that people pay attention to you or you are out. “
Paradiso’s first single will be out in November and they will continue to release new ones throughout 2022 until completing the PARADISO EP album.