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For lovers and sinners

Everything you’ve seen in those American movies from the 50s, 60s and 70s is about to happen to you. A luxury motel inspired by the love motels on Route 66 where you can get married and divorced on the same night. A diner and a secret room for getting up to no good… LOVER OR SINNER?

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The rooms pay tribute to stops on Route 66; Las Vegas, Tucumcari and Texas come to life between neon signs and interiors that are specially designed to place you inside the movie that you are about to star in.

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Food & Drinks

There is nothing more authentically American than a roadside diner. Ours is called Mandy’s and it serves the best hot dogs you’ve ever tasted, plus impossibly large milkshakes and lots of other treats for the body. Think New York of the 70s, but with a Mediterranean touch.

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Wedding Chapel

We know that you’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas and get married dressed as Elvis, maybe it’s because you ain’t down with the whole priest thing, so we’ve bought a lil’ ol wedding chapel to Ibiza to make your dreams come true. Be it all official like with a celebrant and the whole shebang, or with the first handsome/beautiful and willing guy/girl you meet on a drunken night out. The decision is yours, but there ain’t no regrets with option 2.

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Make it great

The most entertaining set of extras ever seen in a hotel are designed for you to enjoy a Concept experience to the MAX!

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